Our classes consist of several components all directed to learning the technique and fundamentals of Irish dance. In addition to learning the traditional form, we stay on trend with the ever evolving style. A dancer develops technique, coordination and endurance among other qualities, all while enjoying the benefits of dance. ​Our sessions are broken down into two terms throughout the year usually consisting of about 14 week classes each. Fall session is September - December, Spring session is January - April and we have one Christmas recital at the end of our first term. Interested dancers are welcome to try out a free class prior to registration. On top of our regular classes, we are often requested to perform at different events, as well as participating in community events. Check out our facebook page or contact us to see where we're performing next.


2019 Fall term includes 14 weeks and a recital.

$170/ term. 1 hour class $220/ term 1.5 hour class.

Hard shoes

Boys soft shoes

Girls soft shoes

Dancers should attend class with the following:
- Hair pulled back
- Shorts or stretchy form fitting pants
- Dance shoes
Acceptable forms of footwear are: ghillies/soft shoes (preferred), ballet shoes, or jazz shoes.

Note: For the child's safety, those who attend class without the above requests may be asked to sit for the duration of the class.

There are two different types of shoes used in Irish dance, “soft” shoes and “hard” shoes.
Soft shoes (ghillies) are similar to a ballet slipper for girls.  They are black leather lace up shoes and are very tight fitting on the dancers foot to enhance the foots arch and point.  Soft shoes are used for four different types of solo dances and for various group dances. Boys soft shoes (reel shoes) are similar to a jazz shoe with a hard heel which are used for heel clicks.

Hard shoes are unique to Irish Dancing. They are a leather shoe with a fibreglass heel and tip. Similar to a tap shoe, but the heels and taps are significantly larger. Hard shoes are used for various dances, traditional sets, and group dances. They make loud sounds and are danced to the rhythm of the music or sometimes used for a-cappella dances. Hard shoes are offered to dancers with a minimum of 2 years experience. Shoes are available to rent for the session (limited sizes). New and used shoes are available for purchase.

Note to Parents: We ask that parents/guardians not be present during classes as this can cause a lot of distraction or to keep conversations/interactions with your child to a minimum.